•Class of 2019 Senior model Application•

Kaptured By Karie is looking for the CLASS OF 2019 MODELS! models will be the face of my senior brand and help promote Kaptured By Karie to other Class of 2019 seniors! models will get the benefits of working with Kaptured By Karie exclusively for their senior photos and a whole lot more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have the best senior portraits while getting a free session, earn cash, free product, and other fun stuff!  

Kaptured By Karie will accept models from each area school. These models will be tasked with telling their peers all about the experience with KBK. The harder reps work at promoting KBK, the more rewards that you will benefit from. As a KBK model, your job is to spread the word about the KBK Senior Experience. You will receive referral cards to give to your friends (not limited to just your classmates). With each referral, you will earn a prize!


1) model Best Friend Mini Session: This session will happen in April or Early May. You will get to bring your best friend, and you will both get to have a fun time together during this session. The photos taken at this session will be used for your rep cards and posted online for marketing. 

2) Luxe Senior Session: You will receive a FULL senior session for the MINI session price ($50–regularly $100).

3) Designer Rep Cards: 25 designed cards to hand out to your friends. 

4) Exclusive Fashion Styling: The ladies at Laney Lu's boutique will help you pick out what to wear for your session, and let you borrow those clothes, at no extra cost!

4) With your first referral, you will receive a mini family session to share with your parents, siblings, etc. With your second referral, you get $50 cash. With three or more referrals, you will get the choice of $25 cash or a $50 print credit.

5) models have the first opportunity to book their Luxe Senior Session. 





1) You must be a current high school junior graduating in the spring of 2019.

2) Must be active on social media and willing to post all about your KBK experience.


3) You must refer 1 other Class of 2019 seniors that book their session with KBK within 90 days of your Spokesmodel Session. If you are unable to do this, the full session fee will be charged.

4) Must be willing to pay the $50 session fee upon signing contract to hold your session date.  Must also acknowledge that there is a $500 minimum order requirement with every senior order.

5) Must plan to work exclusively with Kaptured By Karie during the summer before and your entire senior year. Senior reps cannot work or represent any other photographers (including yourself or any members of your family).

6) Must be able and willing to attend a consultation meeting with parents. At this consultation, we will discuss the commitment and pricing of senior products, as well as sign contracts, pay booking fee, and reserve session dates.  If you are unable to schedule a consultation, we can set up a conference call or skype with you and your parents to go over all of the information and contracts.

I would love to work with you! If this all sounds like something that you (and your parents) are interested in, please take some time reviewing my 2019 Senior Magazine (located below) to learn more about the senior experience with Kaptured By Karie.                                                                                     The Senior Rep application is at the bottom of this post                                                                                  – fill it out, hit submit, and wait for an email from me!

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