Casandra • 2018 Springfield, MN Senior


Casandra • 2018 Springfield, MN Senior

This lovely lady's name is Casandra. She came to me from Springfield interested in being one of KBK's senior models. When she came to her senior model session, she had long, gorgeous, brown hair. All I was thinking was, "Dang, I wish I could grow my hair out like that." (tehehehe). When she came in for her next session, it was gone! This girl chopped 10 inches off. But, she rocked that look too! She could probably get a bowl cut and still look good (don't do it, though). 

She is beautiful on the outside, but she is also beautiful on the inside. During her sessions, we would giggle, talk about the sports she's in (connected when we found out we were both pitchers in softball), and her plans after high school. She is wanting help people by becoming a nurse! You go girl! 

Here is a little more about Casandra:

What high school do you attend? I attended Springfield Public High School. 

Where will you be attending college? I will be attending The University of South Dakota in Vermillion this fall. 

What will your major be? I plan to major in Nursing.

What are your favorite clothing stores? I enjoy shopping at American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Buckle, and Scheels.

What is your favorite music? I like to listen to today’s hits on the radio.

Favorite book? Safe Haven

Favorite class this year? Physics

Favorite high school memory? My favorite memory from this year was being subsection runner up in basketball and all the other memories shared within the season.  

Extra-curricular activities (inside and outside school)? I am actively involved in basketball, softball, choir, and my church’s Luther League. 

Here are just a few of my favorites from Casandra's session:


Kate • 2018 Springfield, MN Senior


Kate • 2018 Springfield, MN Senior

Here is the one, and only Kate! She is one of my senior models for 2018. I met Kate last year at Anita's Dance Conservatory. She helped teach the younger girls and my daughter was one she taught. This girl was so much fun to work with! We had 3 separate sessions (spring, summer, and fall) and each one got to be more fun. The best part was getting to explore around her families farm. They had wild flowers, so many paths, and an old deer stand with a beautiful story.

Kate had a successful senior year, but nothing compared to being named champion for her informative speech at state! She did her speech on personality testing, the different types of tests, how they’re used by companies to hire employees, and how data firms collect results on us and store info on our personalities for marketing. For those of you who don't know much about speech, this category, you choose what you want to inform people on, and you write about it. How she came up with that is still beyond me. You go girl!

Here is just a little bit more about the lovely Kate:

What high school do you attend? I attended Springfield High School. 

Where will you be attending college? I will be attending South Dakota State University. 

What will your major be? I will be majoring in Human Biology. 

What are your favorite clothing stores? My favorite stores are Scheels, Nike, and American Eagle. 

What is your favorite music? I like all types of music- rap, pop, country, etc.! 

Favorite book? My favorite book is The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. 

Favorite class this year? My favorite class was Work-Based Learning. 

Favorite high school memory? My favorite high school memory was being crowned state champion in speech – my category was informative.  

Extra-curricular activities (inside and outside school)? I am involved in speech, dance, student council, and NHS.

Here are just a few of my favorites from Kate's session:



Madison • Windom, MN Senior

Everyone, meet Madison, my Windom Area High School Class of 2017 Senior Spokesmodel. I had the chance to have a few sessions with Madison and her family – she earned a mini session as a perk and instead of using it only for herself, she decided to do a session with her family. During the consultation, the sessions, and her ordering process, I have come to learn quite a bit about Madison. She loves sports, her family, and God. I enjoyed my time with Madison and her family! She has a bright future ahead of her! Thank you for allowing me to work with you, Madison! 

Here's a little more about Madison:

High School: Windom Area High School

College choice: South Dakota State University in Brookings

Major: Nursing

Favorite clothing stores: Ooo I have a lot. My absolute favorite is Laney Lu's Boutique in Redwood Falls, MN.

Favorite music: Definitely country. 

Favorite book: Oooo. I love The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. 

Favorite class in school: Anatomy

Favorite high school memory: I would say... going on our class trip to Washington DC and New York.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Stage Band, Eagle Band, Eagle Choir, Girls Pop Group, Mixed Pop Group, Start Noticing, Student Senate, Flags and Rifle, Peer Mentoring Program, Windom Educational Honor Loans, Speech, Knowledge Bowl, National Honor Society, Call Committee at American Lutheran Church, Communion Assistant, Teen Bible Study, and D.A.R.E. Role Model. 

Here are few of my favorites from Madison's session:




All of God's grace in one tiny face...

I have to say, newbies are one of my favorite things to capture. Yes, the sessions are time consuming, messy – spit ups, pee, and sweat(heaters on high the whole time), and require a gentle touch. But, I enjoy that. I like that I have to take extra time to snuggle the little ones to get them into a deep sleep, to get them exactly where I need them to be, and of course, to see the expression on the parent's faces when my work is done.

Here are two adorable little ones, that I had the opportunity to photograph over the last couple of weeks. Miley, with the gorgeous full head of hair, and Savannah, who I have a hard time deciding if she looks more like mom or dad. God has truly blessed their parents! :)